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Be a Proud Calijano With Our Apparel

We want you to be proud to be a Mexican American, no matter where you reside. After moving from California to Texas, we realized, culturally, there are many similarities between the two states. We decided to bring them both together in one brand and to create a clothing line that all Latinos can wear with pride.

Calijano & Calijana Apparel

Our trademarked Calijano apparel is all made in San Antonio, Texas, and we ship to California as well as all of the states in between. We currently offer one-of-a-kind shirts for men (Calijanos) or women (Calijanas) that are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles:


• Calijana Shirts: Extra-Small to Large • Calijano Shirts: Small to 3XL


• Red
• White
• Black
• Navy Blue
• Blue
• White


• Polyester • Cotton

Man Wearing Calijano T-Shirt

Woman Wearing Texas Star

Shirt Designs

In terms of style, we have two different displays for our shirts, with one presenting the Calijano logo and another sporting a design with the mix of several flags: California's Republic Bear and Texas's Lone Star, along with the colors of the Mexican flag (red, green, and white). Some shirts are also made with reflective material. Prices for our clothing range from $15.00 to $30.00.

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